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Personnel Agency & Dispatching
Provide HR admin service for local or nonlocal corporations by HR agency and labor dispatching.
+ Coordinate employment relations, work out and fulfill contract with standard;
+ Handle employment and lay-off procedures;
+ Employee archive custody, collective Hukou registration and CCP membership transfer;
+ Obtain Shanghai residence permit and process employment registration for nonlocals; introduction of talents;
+ Handle salary and individual income tax;
+ Commission with regard to insurances and public housing fund;
+ Handle complementary insurances and other safeguard and benefit related affairs;
+ Handle annual inspection with regard to salary and social insurances;
+ Commission of dispute settlement, arbitration and litigation;
+ Management and legal consulting; assistance in handling complex problems.

Recruitment Service
Find most appropriate employee with and least time and cost.
+ Recommend employers for job seekers and help with their career design;
+ Recommend candidates for employers and consult on employment criteria, assessment and recruitment skills and techniques.

Visa service for foreigners
Provide assistance for qualified foreigners with visa, work permit and residential permit process.
+ Applying for invitation letter;
+ Applying for representative certificate;
+ Applying for employment license, work permit;
+ Applying for residence license or tentative residence permit;
+ Applying for permits amendment and cancellation and renewal and the like.

Business consultation
Provide consultation and registration service for setting up business or representative office of foreign corporations, organizations and individuals.
+ Consultation on establishment of company with foreign investment or rep office;
+ Registration service and subsequent services.

Management Consultation
Specializing in HR admin consulting and planning on systematic or solo project, which can be assured to be scientific, reasonable, advanced and practical.
+ Labor organization and employees allocation scheme;
+ Recruitment and employment system;
+ Labor contract management system;
+ Training system;
+ Examination and assessment system;
+ Regulations, rewards and penalty system;
+ Salary management and social benefits system;
+ Labor-based management system;
+ Corporate or personal image design; advertising design, etc.

HR Training System
+ Lectures on HR fundamentals and the current policy issues;
+ Seminars on a variety of issues in the field of HR management
+ Serial training programs on practice and techniques.

Members Training & Activities
Provide training and consulting service on HR admin and social security policy to corporations.
+ Consulting service: recruitment and layoff, labor contract, salaries and welfares, labor protection, profession training, labor supervision, labor arbitration, and social insurance;
+ Organize seminars on special topics and for exchange of ideas on a regular basis;
+ Provide weekly insider information;
+ Sponsor activities to promote friendship, communication and mutual help among members.

Professional Web Service
LAC's website ( aims to provide professional, instructive, interactive and commonweal service for national HR Admin Department as well as its managers and employees.
+ Online recruitment and talents recommendation;
+ The current national and local policy, regulations and practice guidance;
+ It is a rallying point to HR managers, a home to employees and a park to CCP members.
Personnel Agency & Dispatching
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Visa service for foreigners
Business consultation
Management Consultation
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Professional Web Service
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