Employment Becomes more Difficult in China

According to a survey by the China Youth Daily Social Investigation Center and Tencent, most Chinese don''t feel optimistic about employment.

The survey covers 9,951 responders, and 79.4% of them complain that it is difficult to find jobs.

Official statistics show that in the near future, 24-million-plus people need jobs every year; however, there are only 120 million posts available annually.

Most responders wish there would be an employment promotion regulation to help them in a systematic way.

Besides, discrimination has yet to be eliminated in employment, particularly in terms of academic credentials of the interviewees, the reputation of their colleges, their age, gender, and registered permanent residence, not to mention if the person is handicapped.

There is imbalance in the labor force market in China, as, for instance, there is an excessive demand for senior blue-collar workers, while the supply of run-of-mill blue-collar workers far exceeds the demand for them. 29.3% of the responders believe it is the large population that has caused difficulties to employment, too.

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