Shanghai women are the happiest

According to All-China Women''s Federation (ACWF), Shanghai women are the happiest in China, followed by Beijing, Qingdao, Ningbo and Tianjin women.

This conclusion is based on a survey by ACWF. In the survey, ACWF finds that the happiest women are usually those married women who are highly educated and have stable jobs like public servants and technicians.

About 52.4% of the responders feel satisfied with their love and marriage, and another 28.8% choose “plain”.

“Homebound men” have become more popular these days, as today’s women pay less attention to men’s income and appearance, and more to their sense of responsibility for the family.

More than 68% of the responders describe their families as “harmonious”, and the top harmonious cities for women are Dalian, Shanghai, Qingdao, Beijing and Ningbo.

Family income, education, spousal love and children’s education are the key factors affecting family harmony.

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